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Estatoora is the fastest growing business development firm that provides all-in-one business partners in making institutions GROW in this competitive age. As a partner of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and non-profit organizations, we offer quality, affordable and innovative strategies to market and modernize their business. We help them REACH their target audience and help them to INCREASE revenue.

Whatever their business is, they deserve to grow fast, be renowned and get taken care of. Estatoora makes business BETTER, WIDER.


✔️ Flexible schedule, work at your own phase

✔️ Work-from-home set-up

✔️ Learn from our expert consultants

✔️ Team performance-based incentives

✔️ Opportunity to work with young, talented and highly competent team

Sounds like an interesting expedition? Join us and let’s work together to make the SMEs and non-profit organization to make their business BETTER, WIDER.

Paid Vacation Leave

Paid Sick Leave

Paid Holidays

Maternity/Paternity Leave

Life Insurance

Transportation Allowances

Performance Bonus


Systems Developer

Job Description

Systems Developer will drive business success by supporting the technology integration of clients from all areas of the business consultation industry across the whole of the Philippines. System Developer also performs key Tech related management functions which include but may not be limited to the following:



  • Develops application/software, web app, firmware, website, content management system and any technology related to Estatoora’s solution and requirements with extensive platform compatibility.
  • Supports in developed or revised application/software, firmware, website, content management system and any related technology installation and configuration
  • Maintains a hands-on role in assuring and continually improving Estatoora’s web development process.  This includes requirements, analysis, prototyping, design, implementation, testing, and post-mortems (documentation, reports, and support).
  • Submits status report of projects, as required.
  • Maintains and updates existing back-end solutions for additional features and existing bugs.
  • Responds promptly and professionally to bug reports.  This includes being on call 24/7 in case situations like these do occur.
  • Works closely with the Multimedia team in the development of the client’s websites and other services.
  • Interfaces directly, as needed, with the Estatoora’s client for tasks related to the applications being developed/maintained.
  • Conducts study and construct concrete plan and design based on required output.
  • Determines operational feasibility by evaluating analysis, problem definition, requirements, solution development, and proposed solutions.
  • Plans and executes test and modifies systems to ensure that developed technology operates reliably before deployment.
  • Creates policy and declares standard operating procedure, installation, process and service related to quality of developed technology.
  • Supports fault finding and debugging.
  • Supports Research and Development projects which include conducting study, statistical analysis, computation, designing, planning, prototyping, implementation, testing, documentation and other related tasks.
  • Engage in regular training to maintain a high level of product knowledge
  • Ability and willingness to travel locally and across the Philippines frequently including to rural locations


  • Deep understanding of business’ financial, operations, sales and marketing, human resource and other fields of business  especially low and mid-tier institutions
  • Problem-solving to analyze client issues and recommend appropriate solutions
  • Ability to interact with a wide range of stakeholders from C-levels to operational staff
  • Position may requires field assignment within the Philippines

Minimum Qualifications

  • College graduate, preferably B.S Computer Science / Information Technology or any related course
  • At least 1 year work experience in a related job
  • Experienced in Content Management System (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, LMS, ERP)
  • Experienced in deployment of website based (SQL, PHP)
  • Proficient in HTML5, PHP,  any SQL platform, Javascript, CSS XHTML, XML, RSS, JSON and Ajax
  • Deep knowledge in technology and networking principles such as TCP/IP, WiFi, Firewall, Cellular and Data Communication, GPS, etc.
  • Knowledgeable in cloud technology
  • A solid understanding of client-side and web-based internet and intranet technologies
  • Familiarity with the latest internet trends and technologies
  • Experience in the SaaS industry is a plus
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