Human Resource Management

Build your dream team today! Bring the right kind of people for your business and drive performance. Monitor progress and keep them motivated.

Hiring Made Easier

Simplified Application Process-follow the applicant’s trail for your company by smart kanban view

 Manage the process the way you hire. Set up your job board, promote your job listings and simply keep track of submitted applications with a database of skills and integrated documents.

Know your applicant further, by using customizable survey forms on gathering their basic information etc, with an integrated data in your hand, you can easily choose the person to be part of your growing company

See Everything

Centralized information from HR to upper management. Keep on track in the applicants to your company

Keep an eye for every employee’s hour work on clients, project, and certain task to determine their productivity and efficiency

Leave Management System that would aid your managers to keep the team well-organized and to easily forecast the distribution of tasks even the absence of other members

Fleet Management system that can monitor fuel log entries, costs, and other features necessary related to your company’s vehicles

Make Appraisals

– Your people are your greatest asset-motivate them by giving them rewards by accurate data based on their performance.
Designed for periodical evaluation to dig deeper into your workforce reaching the deserved ones in your team.

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