Information Technology Services

 Is IT difficult and too stressful for you? Yet you think you need technology improvement in your business? You’re in the right place!

Integrate technology in your business

Our tech-savvy team will help you to establish technology every business need right now. We will cover every IT needs of your business which you think is hard to implement, from a corporate website, e-commerce, accounting system, learning management system, and even automation like chatbot and lead generation.

Tech support and consultation

We have a friendly helpdesk to guide and support your employees or clients. Behind the scene, we will continuosly monitor your system.





Email and Cloud Services

Increase your company’s credibility with corporate e-mail for each of employee and maximize the power of the cloud to save costs and maximize profitability.

FREE Website

Having trouble of reaching your target audience? Have your own digital presence to escalate the opportunities for your business.


FREE Business Consultancy

Feel exhausted on running your own company? Every small business today needs fresh eyes for their institution to avoid any loss due to poor  management.

Get in touch, with our Estatoora Care Team!

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