Estatoora Resource Planning

360 View of Improving Your Business

We build relationships, not just paperwork. Experience the luxury of planning, track leads, forecast, and close the deal.

Inventory Management

– End-to-end tracking of your stock

– Stock level notification

– Synchronize Reporting

Purchase Management

– Take control of Purchasing process with real-time data

– Automate your workflow

– Manage different suppliers on one platform

Human Resource Management

– Hiring Made Easier

– See Everything of your people

– Make Appraisals even better


– Amazingly Beautiful

– Integrate Inventory and Sales

– Full Traceability with Audit Trail

Accounting System

– Real-time Financial Reporting

– Stop Losing Receipts

– Make easier the approval process

Customer Relationship Management

– Personalize the way you interact with customers

– Sync all your Sales Orders and Invoices

– Assign task to your people

Learning and Training Management

– Financial Improvement

– Immediate Learning and Result

– Learn and Save the Environment at the same time


 – User-friendly platform

– Accommodate several orders

– Sync data even if you’re POS went offline

Running a business made easier

Estatoora Resource Planning (ERP) is a flexible approach to stitch your business process resulting in higher efficiency for every department and cost-saving for your company. Be competitive and formulate accurate solutions in your business management system.

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