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Why You Need Business Consultancy?

Discover new opportunities for your business and experience savings at the same time, with the right expertise-Estatoora would act as a catalyst for change and bring new life to your organization.

Opportunity Builder

Linking businesses to each other combined with project management that would make a new development for both institutions.

Internal Process Improvement

Less downtime more productivity. Analytical expertise integrated with technology to keep your employees and whole business on track.

Enterprise Architecture

Satisfy the five senses of your potential investor everytime they go to your institution. Witness the next level of interior design today.

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Strategic Management

Create a corporate strategy that produces sustainable value that maximizes your core business potential

Case Analysis

Potential risk analysis, metric and management related to drastically improve business

Customer Care and Marketing

Comprehensive customer approach combined with scientific strategy how to attract investors for your company

People Management

Boost the potential of your people with business coaching, enabling more revenue, and improve margins to keep your company sustainable in long-term perspective

Food for thought:

“Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing.”

Warren Buffett

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Having trouble of reaching your target audience? Have your own digital presence to escalate the opportunities for your business.


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Feel exhausted on running your own company? Every small business today needs fresh eyes for their institution to avoid any loss due to poor  management.

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